Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Worst Blogger Ever

I got pregnant and tired, grumpy and whiny. Then I had a baby and got even more tired (and grumpy, and whiny. Well, maybe not as whiny...). This I didn't realize would be possible. Alas, it is. It's a different tired though. Before it was more of an "I am SO uncomfortable and am getting up every hour to pee" kind of tired. Now it's more or an "as soon as I'm given permission by my tiny human I will hit my pillow and sleep hard for as long as she'll let me because I'm not sure when it will happen again" kind of tired. 

But aside from that, having two babies is wonderful. And scary. Mostly wonderful. Our new little is as beautiful as the first, and aside from their good looks and unbelievable amounts of drool, they are totally different kids. It's so fun to watch.But now what?

God gave us these two perfect and tiny humans and now we are tasked with molding and shaping what we were given. Some days I'm all full of myself and thinking we are clearly the most wonderful and amazing parents to ever walk this earth (this isn't actually true, I've seen the YouTube videos of small children playing the piano with incredible talent, I will never be the best parent and I know this.) Most days I feel completely inadequate. 

I'll keep trying my best, I'm certain God picked me for these two babes for a reason. And I pray I'm up to the challenge. For their sake. I love them more than I thought I could... although sometimes I'd be willing to loan them out for a couple hours. Any takers?!!??!

This doesn't even come close to making up for months of inactivness!


Just A Girl said...

You're such a great example of a excellent, Godly mama!
And I'll take your baby that likes me any day ;)

Owen and Jody said...

Glad to see you posting, Ashley! Love to you all.